Our Story

Scroll to follow Chrysalis throughout the years and how we take our motto "helping you through technology," with us every step of the way.

Home Data System is founded.

We started off as a home computer repair business where we come to you. Solving residential computer problems and where our core value of '"helping others through technology" all began.
Home Data Systems goes Incorporated.

The support for Small & Medium Sized Businesses begins.
Lincoln-Bledsoe Global Technologies Inc.

Merged with another company to start providing a global series, particularly in the Latin Market.
Chrysalis MSP

Our founding team decided to change direction and Chrysalis MSP was formed to focus primarily on Managed Services, VoIP, & Video Conferencing.
2010 - 2015
Microsoft Certified Partner

Chrysalis MSP continues to be a Microsoft partner that delivers exceptional service to customers through Microsoft technologies.
2016 - 2021
Chrysalis' technological edge
We expand our technology stack and begin getting ahead of the curve with Cybersecurity. This is achieved through upholding our skillset and acquiring the right people that can take us into the new era of cutting-edge technology.
Chrysalis MSP has evolved through the times to become the resilient and smart technology company we are today. We hold our values close to heart as they have guided us closer to our mission.

We are focused on helping you into this new technological era. Technology is changing at a rate faster than ever before, with our security-first approach we hope to provide you with the confidence that we will grow together in the right direction.
We look forward to adding you to our story.

Our Guiding Priciples

Mission, vision, and value statements serve as the foundation for Chrysalis MSP. These statements convey our purpose, direction, and the underlying values of our organization.

Our Mission

To be the MSP industry's leader and most customer-centric company; to build a place where people can find security and solutions.

Our Vision

Chrysalis MSP operates with honesty, integrity, and has a personable and secure approach.

We deliver solid cybersecurity, communication solutions, and IT managed services to meet our customers' needs.

It is our responsibility to ensure we uphold our skillset, technological edge, and unparalleled customer experience.

Our Values

Helping others through technology

Ethical, customer oriented, and friendly

Looking for ways to improve


Exceptional Service

!Extreme Ownership
Valuing our community

Chrysalis's Community Outreach